Have you ever though of diving in Komodo, Indonesia? If you haven’t may be you should during your next vacation.Indonesia stands out as one of the top diving and snorkeling paradises in the entire world.What’s more, with a live-aboard sailing holiday on a yacht like the amazing Calico Jack, you won’t even need to choose a hotel.

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Once known as the little hidden treasure in Asia-Pacific, Indonesia has become a key holidaying destination for divers and snorkelers. According to Wikipedia, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago and is home to 230 million people. This makes it the fourth most-populous country in the world.

The region is however famous for its beautiful tropical climate, rich and diverse marine life that sees many people visiting the island archipelago. Consisting of 17,508 islands, Komodo is ranked among the best in the region, and the top sites include the following:

Komodo National Park

Established in 1981 as part conserving the komodo dragon(lizard) that is native to Indonesia, Komodo National Park is undoubtedly one of the top spots for liveboard diving holidays. According to whc.unesco.org/en/list/609, the park is classified as a UNESCO world heritage center for preservation of this beautiful repltiles.The park spans 1,817 square kilometers and is composed of three major islands;Komodo,Padar and Rinca. The region offers some of the most amazing and picturesque landscapes in the whole of Indonesia. You will have access to deep lagoons and bays that are perfect for a sea expedition particularly underwater diving. The area also boasts of crystal clear waters and rich biodiversity that will appeal to any visitor to the region.

Batu Bolong

Recently named as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature by the New7Wonder Foundation, Batu Bolong is fast turning out to be a top destination for divers. It is a mini archipelago that is situated on the northern side of the Komodo island. Until recently, the region was more famous for its giant lizards that were plentiful on the island.

However, this is changing as people visit the destination for snorkeling and diving. Batu Bolong has a challenging terrain and is ideal for intrepid divers. It features a steep underwater wall that has depths to as many as 20 meters and the ocean surface can get quite chaotic. This has however not stopped people from enjoying coral cays, fishing villages, pale pink sands, rich eco-system, marine wildlife much more.

Bintang Flores

The Guardian Newspaper in the UK, has regularly ranked Bintang Flores also known as the Island of Flores as one of the must-visit islands for diving in Komodo. It lies on the edge of the famous Komodo National Park which also has good diving spots. The region is also one of the least inhabited in Indonesia and this has helped the island preserve its natural beauty and environment. It serves as the base for liveboard diving holidays and is preferred mainly by experienced divers and snorkelers.

You will find as many as 70% of the marine species in these region some of which include harlequin shrimp,ghost pipe-fish,seahorse,hairy frog fish,mimic octopus and many others. To learn why this island should be on your things to do during your upcoming holidays, you should consider looking at the report from The Guardian.

Bunda Spice Islands

Bunda Spice Islands has always been referred as the hidden gem or Indonesia’s little known secret when it comes to diving in Komodo. The island has maintained its pristine nature and environment thanks to concerted effort from both the local people and tour and diving operators. http://www.calicojackcharters.com/blog states that the island is one of the seven islands and lies 250 kilometers south east of Ambon. It is loved for its amazing coral reefs, secret lagoons, deep blue sea water and high marine diversity. As a diver or snorkeler you’ll come across species such as manta rays, eels, epaulette shark, mantis shrimp, damselfish, fairy basslets and much more. The diving zone is also loved for its many hotels, lodges, and golden white sandy beaches.

Bunaken National Marine Park

Thousands of diving and snorkeling enthusiasts visit Bunaken National marine park every year. The pleasure seekers who include both locals and foreigners are attracted by the beautiful climate, weather, wildlife, relaxation spots and much more. According to http://www.sulawesi-info.com, this marine park was among the first marine parks to be setup in the country and was established in 1991. It has enjoyed good reputation for many years due to its vast landscape that spreads 87,000 hectares and the water coverage is about 97%. With temperatures averaging between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius and crystal clear waters, divers find Bunaken National Marine park an ideal location. This is further boosted by rich coral and marine life that consists of sponges and echinoderms.

Labuan Bajo

Coming across liveboard diving holidays that start from Labuan Bajo and end at Komodo Island or vice versa has become norm. These two regions are one hour apart and offer some of the best grounds for snorkelers and divers. Located on the western side of Flores Island, Lobuan Bajos has won the hearts of many people. As seen at http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk people praise the diving spot for its range of diving options. You will find all kinds of schools and instructors, varied locations, and different packages. The day package is the most popular and takes pleasure seekers on a sea expedition from one island to the other. Besides diving , snorkeling and fishing, participants also enjoy snacks and meals served aboard the hired charter boat

There are many firms that offer the diving packages in Komodo and each provider is unique in its own way. However, Calico Jack stands out as a leader in this field. It was started and is run by seasoned and dedicated individuals who are passionate about sea exploration, diving, snorkeling , marine life and related activities. Whats more, the company introduces new concepts and packages to suit different people both newbies and experienced.

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Have you ever though of diving in Komodo, Indonesia? If you haven't may be you should during your next vacation.Indonesia stands out as one of the top diving and snorkeling paradises in the entire world.What's more, with a live-aboard sailing holiday on a yacht like the amazing Calico Jack,...