canada dui entryGetting into Canada while you have a DUI against your name could be very tricky. They do not want to know that you will not be driving while in Canada. It does not matter. There are very strict laws prohibiting people who broke certain laws to enter but as with everything in life, there are loopholes for this as well.

There are many ways that you may be allowed entry, DUI and all. In the end an immigration officer will decide if you should be allowed in. The question of your record will come up as it is part of the routine screening at border patrol. Never lie to these officials. They could already have the answers and lying could end bad for you.

Methods of getting into Canada with a DUI

Canadian temporary resident permit

This can be done if you need to get into Canada and have a valid reason. Depending on the circumstances, you may get this permit at the border too.

Application for Canadian criminal rehabilitation

This is a more permanent solution to your problem but there are certain criteria that must be met. There are also a bunch of things that you need to submit: The application form (1444E), a police certificate (FBI), a police certificate (state), a copy of your passport, passport size photograph, your court documents (should include the charge, which section of law was violated, the verdict and also the sentence), text of law that describes the offence, you need letters from three residents that are considered responsible, proof that the sentence was completed (court cost, ordered treatments, paid fines), detailed circumstantial explanation about the offence and a processing fee which is not refundable.

Deemed rehabilitation

When you haven’t committed a criminal act in ten years or more you may be seen as rehabilitated.

Vacation of your conviction

You are allowed to do this once in your lifetime but not on a charge that was reduced.

To learn more about these methods look at this link: or

Rather safe than sorry

Before travelling to Canada, you may want to check to see if you have any charges against you that will disallow you access to the country. Checking your background may be necessary. Some people don’t know that they carry the burden of charges so make sure.

You can check it out here, too:

If you do have charges against your name, you might want to check if you qualify for one of the methods above.

If you do, get a lawyer that knows immigration laws very well so he/she may help you to decide which course of action to follow.

Vacationing in Canada with a DUI

canadian dui accessIf you planned a holiday trip to Canada and only learned that you are disqualified from entering, you will probably have to cancel. They will not allow you to enter for leisure. You need a valid and urgent reason. You have to check your status well in advance of your trip to make sure all is in order before you attempt an entrance.

There is nothing worse than looking forward to a holiday and being prevented from everything you planned by something that could have been out of the way by the time you left for your vacation. For this reason you must make sure to get on top of your admittance problems as soon as possible.

So, the checklist…

  1. This goes without saying, don’t do crime.
  2. Even (especially) if you cannot remember, check your criminal record before making any plans.
  3. If you don’t have any crimes against your name, you may proceed to book your trip and hotels.
  4. If there is a criminal record that will exclude you from being allowed to enter, check if you qualify for the above methods.
  5. If you don’t, better unpack those cases for the time being until you do qualify for one, then try again.
  6. If you do, get a lawyer.
  7. After establishing which option will work best for you, follow that method with the help of your lawyer.
  8. After successfully gaining permission to enter Canada, make your bookings. You are vacationing in Canada.

Worth the visit

I have compiled a list of the top five areas to visit in Canada and just a short description of each. Please note: there are much more to each of these mentioned.

Vancouver – If you like sports and the outdoors, Vancouver is the place to be. They have skiing, surfing and going for walks in the parks are a treat. This young city has earned its nickname, Hollywood North.

Toronto – This diverse city includes elements from all over the world to make it a one of a kind jewel. Huge and cosmopolitan with fitting sky scrapers.

Banff – This little town lays at the foot of the Canadian Rockies. It brings all the majesty of nature while the hotels and spas also offer you the finer things in life.

Quebec City – If you like vintage buildings, you will love this city with its 17th and 18th century architecture and its cobblestone streets.

Montreal – Modern sky scrapers intermingle with the 17th century architecture in a way you must experience. For the shoppers there is a wide array of shops in the Boulevard Saint-Laurent while the same boulevard is the centre of the nightlife when street lights come on.

If any of the top five areas still hadn’t convinced you to make the trip, please look at the other eloquent suggestions and more descriptive inserts here:

In closing

Make sure to apply for any of the mentioned methods long before you want to be granted entry. The processes involved may take up to a year in some cases and you will still not be allowed into Canada before they have been completely processed and you have been approved. Advice
Getting into Canada while you have a DUI against your name could be very tricky. They do not want to know that you will not be driving while in Canada. It does not matter. There are very strict laws prohibiting people who broke certain laws to enter but as...